Writing Workshop

Do you remember the writing process?
  • PREWRITING (aka brainstorm, get the idea out of your head)
  • 1st draft (don't worry about those errors...just begin formulating sentences and paragraphs
  • Revise and EDIT (NOW fix those errors...check your spelling, grammar, mechanics...)
  • Peer Review (get some feedback from someone {a parent, a friend, another teacher}
  • Publish (aka The Final Copy!)

This is not a check the step off thing...it's more like a circle. Keep going through the process until you are ready for it to be published.

Websites for the writer in you!!

Whether for creative, expository, or persuasive...
How to make your writing better:
Grammar Girl Quick Tips
Purdue University Writing Lab--FREE resoures to make you a better writer

So you want to make some money or want some recognition?

Wikibooks--from wikipedia. Create online and educational books that are available right on the web
Merlyn's Pen: Fiction, essay, and poetry...by teens!
The Writers' Slate publishes original poetry and prose from students enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Stone Soup is unique among children's magazines--it's the only magazine made up entirely of the creative work of children. Young people ages 9 to 13 contribute their stories, poems, book reviews, and artwork.