Put research in the BIG 6 steps!

1. Task Definition
a. Define the information problem
b. Identify information needed

2. Information Seeking Strategies
a. Determine all possible sources
b. Select the best sources

3. Location and Access
a. Locate sources (intellectually and physically)
b. Find information within sources

4. Use the Information
a. Engage (read, hear, view, touch)
b. Extract relevant information

5. Synthesis
a. Organize from multiple sources
b. Present the information

6. Evaluation
a. Judge the product (effectiveness)
b. Judge the process (efficiency)

People go through these BIG6 stages--consciously or not--when they seek or apply information to solve a problem or make a decision. It's not necessary to complete these stages in a linear order, and a given stage doesn't have to take a lot of time.

Tools for Online Research

PowerLibrary This can only be used in school!
  • SIRS Magazines

Encyclopedia Britannica Online
This resource is available outside of school!
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Purdue University Writing LabIn addition to offering information on writing and using MLA style, this site has APA style...make sure you enter the correct area. Remember MLA is typically used for humanities and APA for the sciences.

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